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Cultural Contact: Sharing Artifacts Across the Globe
The Quest Forward Learning Global Learning Program connects Foundation and Exploration students (traditionally freshmen and sophomores) at Quest Forward Academy in Omaha with students at Mtakuja Secondary school in Tanzania. These... Read More
Good Habits Are Essential: How Quest Forward Learning Changes Classroom Behavior
The introduction of the Six Essential Habits of Quest Forward Learning has created positive changes in providing supportive discipline to students in Tanzania. Previously, the primary form of discipline used by teachers was corporal... Read More
Mentor Monthly Profile: Emanuel Mrema
Emanuel Mrema is a Social Sciences Mentor at Natiro Secondary School in Tanzania.  What made you want to become an educator? Three things:1. Personal inspiration: I wanted to become an educator in order to educate my... Read More
Custom Quests: Designed by Tanzanians, for Tanzanians
All Tanzania quests are designed in Tanzania by Tanzanians. Hear about the impact these quests—and their local relevance—have in classrooms.... Read More
Aligning Visions: Quest Forward Learning and Tanzania’s Educational Initiatives
There are promising signs for the future and the sustainability of Quest Forward Learning in Tanzanian secondary schools.... Read More
The Process of Making Progress: Quest Forward Learning Takes Hold in Tanzania
Within Tanzania and most of Africa, nearly all secondary school students learn by rote memorization, acquiring facts and figures that have little relevance or meaning outside of the classroom. When envisioning the future, it is clear... Read More
The Results Are In: Quest Forward Learning Makes an Impact
Tanzania secondary school students are required to take government-specified exams every two years. The purpose of these national exams is to provide an objective measure of student performance. They are the Form 2, Form 4, and... Read More
Mentor Spotlight: Eva Minde
Eva Minde is a Chemistry and Biology Mentor at Marangu Hills School who speaks on her experience integrating Quest Forward Learning into her classroom. ... Read More
Tablet Time: The Positive Impact of Digital Learning in Tanzania
While people often think of digital learning as just the use of technology in a learning environment, digital learning is meant to enhance learning, which is the goal of Quest Forward Learning in Tanzania classrooms. ... Read More
Striving for the Same Goals: How Quest Forward Learning Aligns with Tanzania’s National Education Policy
The fundamental expectations set forth in Tanzania’s 2014 National Education and Training Policy are also main priorities shared by Quest Forward Learning. ... Read More