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Learning Continues in Homes Across Tanzania
Opportunity Education Foundation Tanzania is working closely with the 30 Quest Forward Learning schools in Tanzania to provide an opportunity for continued learning during the school closure. ... Read More
Mtakuja Makes the Grade: A+!
The Tanzanian government just awarded Mtakuja Secondary School top marks for how students are learning and performing using Quest Forward Learning.... Read More
Tanzanian Schools Look to the Future
With 19 Quest Forward Schools, as well as 2 US Quest Forward Academies, Quest Forward Learning is directly impacting the lives of 1,212 students.... Read More
Experiencing the Essential Habits: Changing Student Mindsets in Tanzania
One of the cornerstones of Quest Forward Learning is what we refer to as the Six Essential Habits. These habits assist Tanzanian secondary school graduates become well-rounded people who create value for themselves, their communities,... Read More
Mastering Process: Relevance in Tanzania Classrooms
Quest Forward Learning platform, methodology, and curriculum give students an exciting way of learning that focuses on mastery rather than completion. One aspect that excites both mentors and students is relevance.... Read More